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Defining Consumer Satisfaction

Joan L. Giese & Joseph A. Cote
Published in : Academy of Marketing Science Review, Volume 2000 No. 1

A review of the existing literature indicates a wide variance in the definitions of satisfaction. The lack of a consensus definition limits the contribution of consumer satisfaction research. Without a uniform definition of satisfaction, researchers are unable to select an appropriate definition for a given context; develop valid measures of satisfaction; and/or compare and interpret empirical results. Consumer satisfaction researchers have contended that these problems are pervasive and important (Gardial, Clemons, Woodruff, Schumann, and Burns 1994; Peterson and Wilson 1992; Yi 1990). This research will:
1. Suggest a definitional framework of consumer satisfaction based on commonalities in the literature and the views of consumers.
2. Discuss how this framework can be used to develop a definition of satisfaction to accommodate different contextual settings.
3. Ensure that our definitions of satisfaction are consistent with consumers' views. This is critical since, ultimately, we must understand consumers’ meanings of satisfaction and consumers must understand what we mean when we use the term, satisfaction.
The Literature and Consumer Views of Satisfaction - While the literature contains significant differences in the definition of satisfaction, all the definitions share some common elements. When examined as a whole, three general components can be identified: 1) consumer satisfaction is a response (emotional or cognitive); 2) the response pertains to a particular focus (expectations, product, consumption experience, etc.); and 3) the response occurs at a particular time (after consumption, after choice, based on accumulated experience, etc). Consumer responses followed a general pattern similar to the literature. Satisfaction was comprised of three basic components, a response pertaining to a particular focus determined at a particular time.
Response: Type and Intensity - Consumer satisfaction has been typically conceptualized as either an emotional or cognitive response. More recent satisfaction definitions concede an emotional response. The emotional basis for satisfaction is confirmed by the consumer responses . . .  .. . ... (baca_selengkapnya)  

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